Wishes and Wishbones

Beware the power of words and wishes.

Traditional stories are littered with people who unwittingly end up with what they wish for: the woman who gives birth to a pot, poor Ibronka who gets hounded by a demon, and the couple who squander their wishes all in one night. Careless words spoken in a sort of sleep or fury come back to bite. Well, it was only a few weeks ago that I wished away my website. Sat in the car with friends, I said something like, "I've really got to do something about my website. It doesn't represent what I'm doing anymore. I've actually been thinking about just taking it down and not having one at all for a while". The next day I woke up, and the website wasn't there.

Now, as it happens, this vanishing wasn't directly due to the immense conjuring power of my wishing words, but instead to a now-defunct web company who had let things slip. Nevertheless, my wish came true and for the last two months I've been faceless on the world wide web. Of course, no body noticed. But its been an interesting process of creating a new site and archiving old material. It is all still in process, so bare with me as I evolve the site over the next few weeks.

This space will be where I can keep people updates with what I'm up to. Just recently I've been devising and performing W I S H B O N E with Laura Burns, Jo Hellier and Simone Keynon at The Yard Theatre as part of their Now 16 Festival. Its been a struggle and a joy, and here are some photos of the final performance (photos by Jake Lewis):

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