Jo Blake Cave with co-performer Laura Pocket & producer Valerie Hayes present Thisisrising (This Is Rising... ThISISrising)...

With the intention of being more than just a theatre company... We want to start a revolution; to reconnect theatre with its ritual roots, to make a crucible of the performance space and offer the audience a truly live, transformative experience. To reclaim the name Isis and all she stands for: compassion, endurance and transformation.... We aim to be good. We aim to effect people and affect change. We aim to put some authentic human experience on the stage as a means through which to connect. We stand boldly in our own skins and experiences. We challenge ourselves to speak our truth, even when it’s deeply unfashionable and politically questionable. We challenge the audience to feel real emotions…We revel in the anarchic combination of the sacred and the profane…

…Divine, feminine, sacred, temple, goddess. Patriarchal World Culture. Mythic. Do you trust us if we use these words?... it’s a bit much, isn’t it?... there's a cringe value. How do we reclaim them? Get past the whisper and shout them from the roof tops?


…We believe that still, in 2017, women are the biggest untapped natural resource on the planet, and consequently, central to the activity is collaborating with cross-disciplinary female practitioners to explore new territory in performance making.

The Sharing: this is an integral aspect of the work of ThisIsRising. Its important to not just turn people out onto the streets after a moving, perhaps troubling, perhaps ecstatic, hopefully enlivening experience. We want to offer a space – preferably circular – in which people get to share their thoughts and experiences post-performance. We are not entirely sure how to manage this yet… but we know it’s important. A boundaried space to respond in conversation, movement, whatever…

Dance Me To The End Of Love is to be our first project... to be fully researched and developed in 2018... building upon Jo & Laura's unique collaborative dynamic emerging through Blodewedd Untold 2017 and previous to that, The Girl Who Became a Boy Reimagined 2016. 

Dance Me To The End of Love will explore core themes of Thisisrising, and question through myth and autobiography, storytelling, fooling, tango, song and ritual practice, viewing the current political and cultural situation through the lense of the mythic. Speaking out (of) crisis, the theatre becomes the temple. Smoke-filled and dripping with the transcendent, emergent, mythic. But with red noses. And Leonard Cohen. And deep, deep, slightly too much human yearning... … can we dance together, in love, in hope?... Can we create the new paradigm here, just for a moment? There will be double basses, pianos, a pair of red/orange trousers, proper ritual, and yes- red noses! It may end with the audience dancing in couples to Cohen’s song… 


We are totally and utterly devoted to this path of performance making and to the manifestation of this performance and our wider vision for ThisIsRising. In a radiant, perhaps frightening, way!


Team Of Three 


Priestess in training

Healer of wounds




Backgammon fanatic

Stained glass artist


Priestess in training

Healer of wounds

Performance maker



Shamanic sound healer

mother/home educator


Priestess in training

Healer of wounds

Performance maker



PHD writer (emergent storytelling)

mother/university lecturer

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