The Girl Who Became a Boy

Jo Blake Cave 

with GlowGlobes


Ladies and gentlemen and anyone inbetween… Jo Blake Cave brings together a vibrant clash of myth and fairytale in a post-apocolyptic landscape, where cross-dressing and unlikely transformations abound. Bizarre, comedic and magical by turn - and underscored by evocative gypsy-folk music…enter a mirror world where girls slaughter monsters, princes dream of being rescued and reptilian goddesses smirk from the margins.


Performed at the Soho Theatre, Royal & Derngate, and Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival.


F for the exhalation of breath and paws on mossy ground,

O for startled eyes, both yours and mine

X for the trespasser and the thief


FOX stalks through our mythological dreamland, watching from the margins. As the red-tailed bandit of story, FOX is so often cast as the villain, the scoundrel, the lad. But there is more to FOX than the creeping shadow on the hill. Encounter him here as the night-time wanderer, the charmer, spirit-guide and friend.


In ‘The Smiling Fox’, Jo Blake Cave pays homage to the author BB, Denys Watkins-Pitchford, and his acclaimed

first novel about Rufus the fox, Wild Lone.

Folktales, biography, autobiography, and passages from the novel are drawn into a web of narrative, crossing time and landscape, to explore the human connection to place through the wild eye of the fox.


Let Jo Blake Cave draw you into a performance of precision, beauty and unrepentant poetry.

Come and dine with The Smiling Fox... 


Stand on level six of the multi-storey car park in Northampton and look out over ‘shoe town’… From her vantage point, Jo Blake Cave takes a poetic look at the shoes we stand in, the paths we make through life, and the traces we leave behind.


Binding together story, archaeology, nursery rhyme, and legend, this elegant, bold and dynamic performance from one of the stars of a new generation of performance storytellers, finds inspiration in an old pair of slippers, a bowl of dirty water and a hanged man’s sense of humour.


Performed as part of the Royal & Derngate’s Hometown season and the Maps and Dreams season of performance storytelling at the Barbican.