Laura Burns in Collaboration with Jo Blake Cave, Jo Hellier and Simone Kenyon 


The Yard Now 16 Festival, 10 - 14 May 2016


Do you remember the lives before yours?

Do you remember when you were a fish?

A tree?

A stone? 

We are four women, balancing intuition and rationale, conviction and doubt; playing, digging, recovering how our bodies might know the places we inhabit.


Lighting design Alex Fernandes

Sound design Jonah Brody

Developed with support from Arts Council England. 



Jo Blake Cave has wandered into the mythological forest, delving among the roots to find the splintered remains of stories that speak of petals, plants and astonishing transformations; where bark becomes skin, flesh becomes food and cholophyll becomes blood. These story-shards present a fractal ecology of repeating motifs from British and New Guinean myth, Russian wondertale and East Anglian folktale. But be warned, with poison-tinged petals and leaves dripping with blood, this is no story of a green and pleasant land. This is mythological ecology... for Girls.


A Three Monkeys commission, performed at the Soho Theatre and the Kozani Storytelling Festival, Greece.


Eighty days ago I was an egg. 

Nothing you can say 

will interest me.

My name is Heron.

The river is enough.


As fluid as water, lively as reflection, moody as river mist, Riverlands is a spoken-word piece by storyteller Jo Blake Cave (We Are Pathmakers, Ecology for Girls, Pandvani 108) and poet Jo Bell (UK Canal Laureate). Foxes, kingfishers, narrowboaters and anglers speak for the river in a mesmerising mixture of story and poem, mythology and history, that will have you dashing to the riverbanks to immerse yourself in the watery otherworld of Riverlands.


Performed at Aldwincle Church, Oundle International Festival, Night of the Storyteller, Barnaby Festival.